Stop hesitating and take up Operational Excellence at Japan now!

OpEx Office works with change agents from all types of organizations to realize Operational Excellence.


Do you want to deploy Operational Excellence in your Japanese branch?

If so, why not contact OpEx Office? You can deploy Operational Excellence in your Japanese branch with OpEx Office who has a lot of experience in implementing it with Japanese change agents. OpEx Office mainly helps change agents improve their problem solving leadership ability through real business project and coaching from OpEx Office. But for beginner level change agents, OpEx Office also offers training classes where Japanese instructors train them on the basic skills of problem solving in Japanese.

Of course, it takes a certain amount of time and effort to realize Operational Excellence. Nothing promises that you can realize Operational Excellence instantly like magic. What is most important in implementing Operational Excellence is motivation of change agents and continuation of improvement.

Therefore to keep their motivation and encourage continuous improvement, OpEx Office will work beside change agents in your Japanese branch as program management office.

Commonly used methods to realize Operational Excellence
- Lean
- Six Sigma: DMAIC, DFSS
- Agile: FastWorks
- Change Management
- Work-out
- ACFC: At the Customer For the Customer
- PD: Positive Deviance
- LS: Liberating Structures